St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School

St Wilfrid's
Catholic Primary School

Ethos & Values

Our mission statement is centred on ‘Our Faith, Our Learning and Each Other’. We are committed to providing a curriculum which is broad and balanced, and provides our pupils with opportunities to gain essential knowledge, skills and understanding. Our curriculum is designed to enable our pupils to build upon their progression in reading, maths, writing, RE and the knowledge and skills of all subject based learning, but not simply that alone – We acknowledge that ‘Attainment is important, but not enough’.


Considering the learning values we hold dear, we want our children’s learning to be active and alive so that they understand the relevance of their learning to their every day and future lives. We encourage setting ambitions high and working tirelessly towards them, showing resilience and developing the ability to think creatively. To work both independently and collaboratively as part of each new team, to act responsibly as global citizens and to ensure that they appreciate everyone and everything around them. We want our children to be fulfilled and happy, holding in their hearts the words from chapter 10 in St John’s Gospel as a guide: ‘Live life to the full.’


We are a community of faith

A family of love

Drawn together in our Creator God

We praise you and thank you God


We are a community of learning

Aspiring to be our best

With courage, we can change the world.

We praise you and thank you God


We are a community- one family

Embracing our uniqueness

With hands of friendship, we share our love.

We praise you and thank you God


In our actions, you see our love for God.

Through our actions, know our love for each other.

By our actions, see our care for the world

Look now! See our faith