St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School

St Wilfrid's
Catholic Primary School


All children at St Wilfrid’s are expected to be dressed in school uniform. Wearing uniform enhances the children’s pride in their appearance, encourages equality and gives a sense of belonging to our school community.  

All items with a logo can be purchased from Broadbridges or Sussex Uniforms. Items without logo, such as skirts and trousers can be purchased from any retail outlet. 

uniform june 2021.pdf

 Lost Property

All personal property brought into school should be clearly marked (sewn-on/iron-on/indelible marked labels).

It is the owner's responsibility to carry out a search and look in the lost property bins for any missing items. There is a lost property bin located on each of the playgrounds.  We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.


With the exception of studs or sleepers for pierced ears, no other forms of jewellery are permitted. 

We would encourage all children to remove their earrings before swimming or PE. If a child has recently had their ears pierced (within 6 weeks) and is unable to remove them, they must be taped over to prevent injury. This is a West Sussex County Council ruling that applies to all schools. 

Second Hand Uniform Sales

Second hand uniform can be purchased via The Friends of St Wilfrid's School Association. Please contact them directly to find out more. 

If you wish to donate any used hand uniform please drop it off to the school office.


Long hair should be kept tied back and any hair bands or clips should be in school colours.

We find that keeping long hair tied back also helps to stop the spread of head lice, which do very occasionally make their way into school.  If you find that your child does require treatment, a fine-toothed comb available from chemists and conditioner is an effective way of dealing with the problem.

For more information about head lice please visit