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St Wilfrid's
Catholic Primary School


The Governors and staff of St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School are fully committed to safeguarding all of the children who belong to the school community. The school recognises its legal and moral duty to promote the well-being of children, protect them from harm, and respond to child abuse.

Parents and carers expect the school to provide a safe, secure and caring environment in which their children can flourish. To meet this expectation, the school implements a wide range of measures and policies, including the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Health & Safety policy. 

St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Safeguarding Statement

Information for Visitors to the School Site

Summer 2023 - Safeguarding Newsletter

The Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Jackie Cannon (DSL / Deputy Headteacher)

Ida Tercsi-Dajka (DDSL / Senco)

Natalie McCarthy (DDSL / Headteacher)

Joanne Ward (DDSL / Assistant Headteacher)

Governor Safeguarding Leads:

Jane Taylor (Safeguarding Governor)

Portia Ray (Chair of Governors)