The Religious Life of St Wilfrid's

Prayer and worship are central features of our school.


Pupils attend assemblies or key stage and class liturgies every day and on special occasions throughout the year. Whole school Mass is celebrated by our Parish Priests. Other special liturgies are celebrated through the year, for example in May, when pupils reflect on the importance of Mary the Mother of Jesus in a special outdoor service in our prayer garden. Our Harvest Celebration enables pupils to give thanks to God for all the goodness that the world offers, as well as creating an opportunity for pupils to reflect on the needs of others and do something practical to help.


The beautiful class Spiritual Journals, which are to be found in every classroom, chart the various events and celebrations throughout the year.

The Prayer life

of the school takes many forms and as well as a special prayer focus set up in the main corridor and school hall, all classrooms have prayer tables which encourage interactive prayer use and reflection. These prayer tables are used to help pupils focus on their own prayer needs and the needs of others.

Throught the season of Lent and Advent

the tables  are draped in purple to reflect the time of the year. Pupils will often write speecial promises to help them live out their faith and follow more closely in Jesus' foorsteps.

All prayer tables

contain a bible and a religious picture or Icon, as well as a cross and a candle. The prayer tables also have boxes, baskets and other objects to encourage prayer.

Religious Education


is a core subject in our Catholic school and as such is a highly valued subject. Pupils take great pride in their RE books. The RE siplays are used to celebrate the current topic and to support leaning. The school uses the Come an See RE programme (Sep 2013).


These will include the key vocabulary for each topic, as well as samples of pupils’ work. Central to the displays will be the scripture text being studied. Other faith traditions are also studied during RE and we attach high importance to the understanding and respect of these. Pupils are encouraged to ask ‘big questions’ about life and its meaning and these questions are recorded in their big question books. In RE we want our pupils to be excited by their learning and see the relevance it has to all aspects of their lives and the lives of others.



The religious life of the school is threaded through all other aspects of learning and behaviour.

The personal, social, cultural and moral education in the school particularly reflects this and the six learning values of ambition, collaboration, resilience, creativity , independence and appreciation are drawn from the school’s deep adherence to the values embedded within the Gospels.In helping our pupils come to know God and to
come to understand that they are loved and cherished, we believe that RE helps us to know Him and our prayer life helps us to develop a relationship with Him and with each other.